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Sand death

Sand death


More than a year ago, a Vero Beach family lost eight statues after their house was broken into.  The statues were “years and years of birthday and anniversary gifts”, and the Sposatos never thought they’d see the beloved treasures again.  Fortunately, detectives refused to give up the search.

This is the dumbest waste of effort I’ve ever read about

Kermit impression practice

Went to my first casino recently!!!

Went to my first casino recently!!!

Vacation notes

- I’ve spent approximately 25% of it playing 2048. How? Why? I am supposed to be drinking on a beach and instead I’m quietly yelling “fuuuuck” into my phone
- The other 75% has been spent doing regular vacation things
- But seriously why isn’t 2048 an actual app? Wouldn’t it make more money being something you can download instead of a website you go to?
- My e-cig is breaking everyday and I keep having to dismantle and clean it to avoid breaking down and buying a pack of cigarettes
- My high score on 2048 is a measly 5400 or some shit, how are some of you getting over 10k? Is it when you break to 1024?

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I just realized I’m going to be spending/celebrating St. Patricks Day in Puerto Rico

Not that it’s weird, just a little incongruous? Sort of like celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Estonia or something. But Puerto Rico is still in the US, and I don’t think Mexico actually celebrates Cinco de Mayo anyway, so disregard all of this please. Thanks.

I keep having dreams where I’m telekinetic

And I wake up with a headache. Weird, right?

In other news this is actually a post about how I’m going to Puerto Rico in two days for “spring break” and I just felt like bragging, so.

Sorry if you follow me on Vine. Or Instagram.

Rubber chicken cam

Look, I’m still into video production! Using my iPhone and social media as my resources! Hire me!

Bought a new wallet today and I’m pretty stoked about it.

Fun times at the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival.

I’m really glad I got over my fear of dogs seeing me naked.

Bae with the pup

Bae with the pup