Hump Day Thoughts

  1. I want to figure out a way to combine a runner’s high and an orgasm, because it would kinda be like a naturally-occurring Speedball that (hopefully) won’t kill you
  2. I realized I’m good at a job I hate and bad at a job I love, so they sort of cancel each other out
  3. A college friend came very close to convincing me to move to New York City and just leave everything in South Florida behind, which sounded very tempting while under the influence
  4. A really hot but really slutty guy I’m sort of friends with asked me if I want to “hang out” and I’m pretty sure he just wants to bone but I kinda want to IRL troll him and be like “oh no sorry I don’t hook up with men I’m not married to” [problem?.png]
  5. I still haven’t seen Harry Potter because I had probably 1.5 Four Lokos before part 1 and don’t really remember anything from it (the last movie I saw in theaters was Winnie the Pooh while I was really baked, which, by the way, I highly recommend if you’re really baked.)